Recording Your First Action

Open an image and create a new action set using the —l button at the bottom of the Actions panel. A set is a folder for actions which helps you to preserve an overview of the different types of actions you record. Always give your action sets descriptive names.

Select your action set in the Actions panel and start recording by clicking the jJ button. Photoshop then asks for a name for your action (figure 4-74). Make sure that the name describes the action accurately. This saves time later when you are searching for the appropriate action for a particular task. Recording then starts, and the recording button will turn red: .4.

In our example, we will record the action "Brighten Image" using a Curves operation (figure 4-74 and figure 4-75). Once we are done, we stop recording with a click on the H button. The Actions panel now looks like this:

Figure 4-73: First name your actions set.

Figure 4-73: First name your actions set.

The new action can now be applied to other images by first opening and selecting the image, then selecting the appropriate action and finally clicking the ► button.

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