RAW Browser

Nearly all RAW converters include browser functionality for viewing RAW image files before they are converted. Photoshop, Bridge, and ACR form a complete RAW processing toolset (section 2.7, page 51) in which ACR generates the preview images that are displayed in Bridge. If necessary, Bridge can be set up to display only RAW images. RAW browsers are also useful for transferring selected conversion settings from RAW-edited image files to other, similarly exposed images.

RAW Developer, Apple Aperture, Lightroom, and Capture NX allow you to view and compare images side by side, and others are sure to add similar functionality soon. A loupe function is nowadays a standard feature, helping you to view image details without changing magnification of the entire preview. Bridge introduced a loupe function in version CS5 (figure 5-20), and Apple Aperture has the best implementation of this feature that we have seen so far.

Figure 5-19: RAW Developer includes a range of standard profiles and can convert data to all color spaces installed on its host system.
Figure 5-20: A loupe helps you view individual image details even in the smallest preview window.
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