Multi Core Processing

> Photoshop has supported some multi-core processors since the release of CS. Lightroom uses separate processes for importing and exporting images, and for generating image previews - an indicator in the main program window then tells you which background processes are currently in progress. We would like to see more multiprocessors support in future.

Figure 5-22: ACR includes a number of Auto corrections.

Since early 2006, nearly all new notebook and desktop computers are equipped with multi-core processors (and sometimes even with multiple processors). Multi-core processors counteract the endless spiral of ever-increasing processor speeds and the associated increased heat generation. Multi-core processors are an advantage for performing CPU-hungry image processing tasks. Provided that your RAW converter and your image processing software are capable of taking full advantage of the new technology, multi-core processors refresh preview images faster and allow you to process images while others are still being imported in the background.

Multi-core support also makes other background processes (such as RAW conversion itself) faster without limiting overall processing power. Multi-core processors make image correction processes perceptibly faster. Capture NX and Canon Digital Photo Professional do not yet support multi-core processors and are relatively slow as a result. But Lightroom and Aperture still have room to improve in this respect - here, too, we hope that future releases will address these issues.

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