Introducing the Digital Photo Workflow

ISo what is a photo workflow exactly? All we really want to do is take great pictures and reproduce them in the best way possible. But doing so actually involves a whole series of steps, from transferring the image files to a computer, to file naming, file format conversion, image optimization, and finally preparing the images for printing or other forms of presentation.

These steps are the basic components of a digital photo workflow, and will ideally be:

r Fast r Affordable r Capable of delivering optimum image quality

A workflow requires knowledge, experience, and planning to function properly. Because different images require different treatment, it needs to be adaptable too. A photographer's equipment, ideas and personal style all influence the choice of steps involved in the workflow. Here, we will show you the basic concepts and specific steps involved, and give you the necessary know-how to adapt the digital photo workflow to your own needs and shooting style. We will begin with a brief description of our aims and follow that with a discussion of how to proceed and which tools to use.

Capture images



Download images to a computer

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Rename image files


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Backup & archiving


Initial image inspection


Rate images + add IPTC data and keywords


Select images to work on

RAW conversion/basic optimization

Dust and noise removal

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Initial sharpening


Global color correction


Contrast, exposure, saturation

Rotation, perspective, correcting optical errors

Selective color, sharpness, and contrast corrections

Backup & archive optimized image

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Printing / output generation



Add metadata





Backup and administration

Figure 1-1: The basic workflow steps, i.e., the "What"

Figure 1-1: The basic workflow steps, i.e., the "What"

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