Image Inspection Using Photoshop

The Photoshop title bar includes a lot of useful information.

©20090S23Jiummingbird_0136.tif (ffi 66.7% (Background, RGB/16*) 1 Our example shows:

► The filename (20090523_hummingbird_0136.tif r The current scaling factor (66.7%)

r The name of the active layer (Background) r Color mode (RGB) r Color depth (16 bit per color channel)

► The "*" indicates that the ICC profile of the image deviates from the default Photoshop working color space (see section 3.6).

As of CS4, Photoshop displays each image with its own tab, making it easier to jump between images. If your monitor is large enough, it is often better to display each image in its own separate window. You can arrange them however you like by clicking on the tabs and dragging the windows around the desktop.

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