For Every Shot

► Exposure compensation. This function allows you to adjust the exposure values selected by automatic exposure modes up to ± 2 LV. We use these settings either based on experience or when the histogram indicates that our exposure needs tweaking. Also check if your ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings fit the scene, subject, light and situation.

Here too, it is always a good idea to check whether the individual settings you have made (such as focus mode or focus area) are appropriate for the subject and the situation.

You will often find yourself cycling through a series of steps: select settings > shoot > review your preview image and check histogram > adjust settings > shoot ... until you have found the right settings for your shoot. Assign the settings you use most often to the main camera dials or to easily accessible menus.

> We don't know of any contemporary DSLR that doesn't allow this type of personalization.

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