Dont Forget Backup Backup Archive

We can't repeat it often enough. Always backup your image files:

► As soon as possible, i.e., during or immediately after download.

► Additionally to DVD, Blu-ray, or an external hard disk. Don't back up your files to the same hard disk as your originals and don't back them up to a partition on the same disk.

► Make multiple DVD backup copies using different brands of disc. If a disc from a particular batch or manufacturer is defective, the chances are that other similar discs will also be defective.

► Store your backup copies in different locations. This way, you minimize the risk of a total loss of your images due to fire, water damage or theft.

Once you have saved your originals and backup copies of your images, you can at last start work in the digital darkroom.

► If the file system on your memory card should become corrupted, don't panic!* There are a range of recovery programs available (such as Photo-Rescue) that are generally capable of reconstructing and saving your files.

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