Deleting Snapshots and the History

The history log uses quite a lot of memory and temporary disk space, so you will sometimes need to delete snapshots to regain lost performance, especially if you are working on large image files. You can delete individual snapshots (irreversibly) by dragging them to the trash Tf. The changes you have made to your image are not affected, but they can no longer be undone.

Figure 4-80: Here, we have taken three Snapshots: the initial state and two later ones.

Figure 4-81: Selecting History handling preferences

Figure 4-81: Selecting History handling preferences

The history log and all current snapshots are deleted when you close Photoshop. Since the introduction of Photoshop CS4, you can save the log to a text file during a session.

The preferences for this function are located in the General section of the Photoshop Preferences dialog (figure 4-81).

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