Compatibility Settings

To achieve better compatibility with Lightroom and other applications, we recommend that you set Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility to Always in the File Handling section of Photoshop's Preferences. This setting is effective when you save TIFF images. It causes Photoshop to create an invisible virtual layer where the detail from all other visible layers is saved. Other applications then use this additional layer to display the visual parts of the image file without having to be completely compatible with the complex Photoshop layers mechanism.

The aspects and characteristics of various file formats make a difference to their practical applications; for instance, whether color profiles can be embedded or alpha channels can be saved*. Table 4-1 lists some file formats and their main characteristics.

Figure 4-9: We don't use all the formats supported by Photoshop in the course of our workflow.


PSD and PSE File Compatibility:[ Always : J

* Alpha channels are used to save selection information.

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