Color Management Policies

Color Management Policies define the default action that Photoshop takes when you open an image or paste pixels into an opened image that has no embedded profile or a different color space from your current working space. You can make this setting for RGB, CMYK, and grayscale images.

In most cases, Preserve Embedded Profiles is the best choice. The only reasonable alternative is Convert to Working Space. Selecting Off rarely makes sense in a color-managed workflow. If you choose Off, color management will still take place, but it will treat the image colors as if they come from the current working space. With Off, no profile is embedded when the image is saved.

The checkboxes define Photoshop's default actions when a mismatch is found. For unchecked options, Photoshop will apply the action selected for the current color mode, and for checked options, Photoshop prompts the user for input.

Figure 3-26: We recommended these Color Management Policy settings.
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