Color Adjustments Using Photo Filter

Photoshop CSi introduced the very useful Photo Filter* command, which we often use to make colors slightly warmer or cooler, or to transform images to black-and-white. As its name suggests, the effect the tool produces is very similar to the effects produced by using lens filters or different film types with an analog camera.

Use low Density values (between 5 and 10 percent) if you want to keep your effects subtle. If you want to apply stronger effects, do so at the white balance stage, as described earlier. It is rare that you will want to change the luminosity in your image. We generaly activate the Preserve Luminosity option (figure 4-47) when using this command.

* In spite of its name, this tool is not included in the Filter menu, but instead under Image r Adjustments r Photo Filter.

Figure 4-47: You can use the Photo Filter command to make your colors cooler (left) or warmer (right). The "Preserve Luminosity" option ensures that the brightness isn't altered along with the colors.

The blue correction has made our water lily look a little cold (figure 4-46), so we use the Photo Filter with the Warming Filter setting shown above to achieve the result shown in figure 4-48. The blue of the reflected sky is less intense, but the pink of the water lily is now much warmer and the green of its leaves is more pleasing, too. Figure 4-49 show the effect of applying the cooling filter - the image is much too blue!

Figure 4-48: The water lily from figure 4-46 after applying the Warming Filter

Figure 4-49: The water lily from figure 4-46 after applying the Cooling Filter

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