Changing Magnification

You can change magnification using the Navigator panel (Window r Navigator) or the Zoom menu, activated with a right click. You can also enter a magnification value manually in the status bar of the active window. Yet another method is using the following keystrokes:

► |ctrl|-fo~] ^ Fits the image to the current window size.

► IctnimrOI ^ Displays the active image at 100%. This setting is great for rating images and as a starting point for various corrections (sharpening, for example). In Mac OS substitute |ctrl| with [ and |M| with i.e., [-rO] and @-[-[o].

You can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse or |ctrl|-|~+] and |ctrl|-F] ([-(+] and [-(-] for Mac) to zoom in and out. Configuration for this is done in Photoshop's Preferences in the General section using the Zoom with Scroll Wheel option.

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