Allin One Programs

In its infancy, the digital photo workflow consisted of separate programs for downloading, browsing, RAW editing, image processing, image management, and output management. The first major evolutionary step saw the integration of download modules and image browsers in RAW editors, but this still left us having to switch from program to program with all the interface and data incompatibilities implied.

Apple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom were the first all-in-one programs that combined all the above-mentioned functionality in a single package. Bibble [39] has also used an all-in-one concept since version 5. These applications allow the user to switch quickly and smoothly from function to function and phase to phase of the workflow, and also provide a unified user interface. The all-in-one approach also helps to avoid data incompatibility and simplifies the workflow while reducing the software licensing costs involved in purchasing multiple programs. We will look more closely at all-in-one packages in chapter 6.

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