Adjusting Image Resolution ppi

If you only adjust the ppi resolution © (with option © deactivated) you won't alter the actual image data, but only the fictional pixels per inch value. This operation is therefore simple and reversible, and requires virtually no computing power. The output size changes without affecting the number of pixels in the image.

We can reduce the output resolution to 200 ppi/dpi for our Epson inkjet printers without affecting the quality of the results to0 much. If, however, you reduce resolution too far, your results will become grainy.

Note also that appropriate print resolution depends on the print medium. Normal paper is very absorbent and thus requires a lower resolution if you want to avoid the individual pixels running into each other and smearing. Finer papers and photo papers (glossy, premium, or better) allow you to use higher resolutions and thus achieve more detailed prints without visible pixelation effects.

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