Additional Sharpening Tools

Where Photoshop tools aren't sufficient for our everyday needs, we use additional plug-ins selected from the ever-increasing range available on today's market. These range from our own cheap and simple EasyS Plus to powerful and expensive options like FocalBlade. The following are the sharpening tools we like best:

► Focus Magic is a powerful tool, and claims to be able to sharpen blurred images (,'>', £).

► FocusFixer: also attempts to sharpen out-of-focus images ( J",

► FocalBlade is one of the most powerful (and therefore also most complex) sharpening tools available (Up, <<?.).

► Dfine (/'by Nik Software is a great sharpening tool that includes capture, creative, and output sharpening tools.

Sharpening plug-ins are constantly being developed, and it is worth keeping an eye out for new tools and newer versions of older tools. The authors of this book host a web page on the subject of Photoshop filters, where you can get test reports and update information ( workshop/photoshop_corner/filters.html). We will discuss more sharpening techniques in section 8.8, page 317 and section 12.4, page 477.

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