ONTRARY TO popular belief-and to the potential disgust of naturists (but not nudists!) everywhere—some of the greatest close-up photographs can be made right inside your own home. Some of the benefits? You don't have to travel far, and you're gentler on the earth since you're not trekking around leaving your real—or your carbon—footprints everywhere. Your home is loaded with items that make great close-up subjects. Additionally, as long as you're willing to bring the more portable "outside" subjects—such as flowers—inside (who would be opposed to that?), you can spend weeks, months, even years shooting some terrific close-up photographs without ever venturing outside with your camera.

All you need is an area roughly 2 feet by 2 feet near a large window. The space should accommodate a small "shooting table." The advantages of this indoor close-up "studio" are many, and perhaps the best one is that you'll never have to deal with the wind; as most close-up shooters report, it's the wind that you'll be fighting the most when working up close in the great outdoors.

A SIMPLE LEMON SLICE can make a bold statement of color and texture when seen up close. Note the use of the green wrapping paper in the background: Since depth of field is so shallow when shooting close-ups, I was able to add this background, which I knew would be out of focus enough to emulate grass—as if to suggest that this image was made outdoors. Additionally. I used sparkling water, not tap water, and with each and every shot (I made a total of sixteen attempts!. I would also add a few dashes of salt to create even more fizzing in the water.

Nikkor 70-180mm lens, f/22 for 1/8 sec.

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