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Saturday 7 March 2009

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Nikon D3x Black

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Nikon ih\W The 24.5 megapixel Nikon D3x with FX format sensor. RRP £5999.99

» p\ The perfect combination of quality and flexibility. A studio DSLR that's just at home on location. 24.5 megapixel FX format sensor. lNTTJ 100-1600 ISO [50-6400 equivalence). 51 point AF system (15 cross type). Up to 5fps FX format, and 7fps DX format. 0.12 sec start-up. 0.04


er lag. 3 inch VGA TFT LCD 920K dot monitor. Dual CompactFlash card slot. Advanced in-camera editing. Body only RRP £5999.99. Welcome to Nikon.

S^fflV I

For 2 year warranty on any camera and lens kit simply register your new Nikon purchase. Call 0800 ¿08 5060 or visit

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Chris Gatcum shows you how to transform your colour pictures into stunning infrared-style shots

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Barney Britton tests a plug-in that replicates the classic look of black & white

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The mystery of black & white

It hardly makes sense, does it, that after all the years of hard graft put in by emulsion scientists and then digital engineers, there should still be millions of photographers around the world who like to shoot in black & white. No one I know owns a black & white TV, or prefers a black & white newspaper, or lives in a colour-free house, so why should we even be prepared to look at a black & white photograph - let alone want to create one ourselves?

Of course, it does make sense, because black & white images can speak to us in a different way and make us feel differently from the way colour pictures impact on us. Being black & white, however, is no direct route to coolness, supreme style or a deeper meaning in itself, as colour images are capable of that. Colourless pictures are just as capable of being tacky, too.

Done well, black & white images seem to have that certain edge, that something extra, and a reversed integrity that somehow affords greater truth and credibility to something that, by definition, conceals a significant aspect of what it represents. I suppose that is one of the attractions, along with the simplicity and removed nature - it presents a mystery that somehow makes everything clearer.

Our question (pf the week

In AP 21 February we asked...

If you could Improve one aspect of your current kit, which of these would it be?

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A. More pixels 9%

B. Less noise 33%

C. Better lenses 58%

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