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Laptop Repair Made Easy

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Lowepro Fastpack 200 Black

Protects your digital SLR compoctty while generous storage for your other gear. :»de-entry compartments let you quickly | grab equipment ond accessories, even while you're on the move.

Fastpack 200 Black_£37.99

Lowepro Compudaypack grj


•saw nay wii>)wii«iu vs utytrui otogrophy A rear comportment for a notebook computer (fits most 17" models) and files, ond o ower compartment for camera gear. An ^^^ w upper compartment holds personal items.

Compudaypack SAVE £48! £29.90

Lowe, f Jfi^jjr Theres a quick-reteose integrated tripod t^^HH holder, attachment loops for Siplock occes-sories, compression straps and o orge front pocket with o weather flap & quick occess front pocket.

Mini trekker AW Forest Green £54.90

gwepro Mini Trekker AW Green

This lightweight, compod backpack holds a surprising amount of geor in o smo spoce. re loose in

Kata DR467 Backpack

Features a unique TST RIB structuro

Sroteclion for two SLRs + mount od ens, -4 lenses, f osh, personal gear & a laptop By removing tho podded bottom camera insert you con easi y convert this rucksack from o comera bog to o ' 9 If 1

fö^to^la^"9 £6«.99 — Kalo DR467 Pink/White, Ye!law/White £ 6S. 00

llford Inkjet Papers

We ore an llford profeu>onal doa er and keep a argo range ol their products in slock, in most finishes ai A4, A3 and A3 + CLASSIC GLOSS, SMOOTH GLOSS CLASSIC PEA», SMOOTH PEAÄL. SMOOTH FINE ART, SMOOTH MULTI US SMOOTH HIGH GLOSS, SMOOTH HEAVYWEIGHT MATTE, GOLD R8RE SILK labuloui B4W paper!

L.TB»Jp|us MulligradeH Block & White Paper STOCKED IN-DEPTH Printer * Monitor Calibration

Spyder 2 Express Spyder 3 Studio

Spyder 3 Print Spyder 3 Eine

Spyder 3 Pre Color Munld

Tamrac Cyberpack 6

jplop, SLR equipment, c

»fscovjfr ro^nnrom jmZE


Morris helpline number: 01608 649224

! Combines a laptop, SLR equipment, and loccessories in one convenient, easy-to-corry backpack. There is plenty of spoce to carry two pro-stzed digital or film SLRs, many t :ens«s and a couple of flashes Most 15" laptops up to 11 ' x 2' x 15" ore proteded in a separate, comp ete y foam-podded comportment

Cyberpack 6 £66.95

Wê stodi hi étptà - nv have over 30 Gitxo tripods, over 100 Manfrott* tripods am/ ever 100 lowepro hags Im tNxk at mny omo tme. Whatever yaa are looking far, foatl find it at MOMtS RH0T0GSAPHK!

order) and receive £5 off your purchase (minimum order volu* £65) Only one vouch*, per order. Voucher has no monetary value and is valid Hit 31/03/2009


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