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apartment (home to Kelbaugh and two roommates, it's also SLPS's office, filled weekdays with volunteers), it becomes clear that while he's a working photographer in one of the world's toughest cities, he hasn't lost his idealism.

"Building community means bringing people together in a way that is both positive and supportive, and for something other than commercial gain," Kelbaugh says. "In the professional photo community you do either fine art, advertising, or magazines—the hierarchies are so steep and there's so little room for opportunity, people get a little hardened."

His mission is to round off the hard edges of that creative world and 'bring people together around art and photography for the sake of its beauty, or power to inspire or move, or call to action," he adds.

Kelbaugh puts his money where his mouth is. In nearly 10 years of exponential growth since the first event, SLPS "has done nothing but lose a good bit of money." He's even had to jump subway turnstiles to

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