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Nikon Nikon Authorized Deaier

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Make Memories. Share Joy.

The COOLPIX [22 is the ictesi cameo for consumers *to are looking to easily capture al of life's memories at an affordable price, but without coirpromlsing performance. The CQCLP1X L22 features 12- megapixel resdutior. fer stunning image detail, a J6* Zoom-NIKKOR lens lor creative corrpcsifioral f reedcrn. tSO up to 16CC capabiity helps give you sharper resets when shooing in tow Ighl or captumg fast-raving sufciecls The COOLPIX L22 sports a huge bnghl 3.0-inch 230 ODO-dol LCD screen with a wde-vKwing argle arc! anti-glare coating.: 3-way VR Image Stabilization System: Smart Porlrail System; Easy Auto Mods aod more Nikon, Inc. limited warranty included 2010 Niton Inc.

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