5 Skin need more work? First adjust the Tan. Your friends look blue? Slide it right. Like they're wearing too much bronzer? Go left. Next up, Blush: If they're green and sickly, move it right. If they seem flushed, left. Last, use Ambient Light to warm up or cool off the entire scene.

6 To compare your work to the original, uncheck the preview box. If you like it, click OK. If not, hit Reset to try again. If you were working in Elements just to use this spiffy new feature, close the image, switch back to your Organizer, and hit Ctrl + H to jump into Photoshop.

A QUICK COLLAGE If you're using Elements 4.0 and want to print a page of pictures, hit Ctrl + N to make a new file, set it to the size you want at 300 dpi, and hit OK. Then go to File > Place and pick your first photo. You can grab its corners to resize. Then hit Enter, and go to File > Place again to add another. When you're done, go to Layer > Flatten image to get rid of all those layers.


IThis puppy looks happy on his bed, but I thought he might enjoy a little sunshine. I'll use Photoshop Elements' new tool for quickly cutting out a subject: the Magic Extractor. Get it by going to Image > Magic Extractor.

2 First designate the areas you want to keep by using the Foreground Brush to scribble or make dots on what to extract. You can change its size on the right. Then do the same with what you want to dump using the Background Brush. Prevent jaggedy edges by setting a Feather value of 2-4 px. Then click Preview.

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