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H, ■!'s a photo of a Kodak camera . ■:. i. belonged to my late grandmother. It says "Kodak Petite" on the front, and "Use film A-127" on the back. Any value? Jim Fite

Springfield, MO

..-.ndma's Kodak Petite ,■ .. basic compact folding camera with a simple lens and shutter that was offered in several different colors from 1929 to 1933. It took eight exposures in the 15/8x2V4-inch format on 127 roll film. If it had the original bellows in matching color, it would be worth nearly $200 with case, but yours has a black replacement, which reduces its value to about $100—still, not bad.

For more information on the value of old cameras, see, "How Much is Your Old Camera Worth?" Go to www.PopPHOTO.com and type "old camera" into the search field.

Scanning scads of slides i : i ¡ere a scanner that will scan many s at one time? I have 1,200 slides I want to transfer to DVDs. There's one unit advertised in your magazine that looks like it can do 12 slides at a time, but is that my best option?

Johannes Verhaeg Port St. Lucie, FL

can get good results, and scan iple slides, negatives, or mediumformat film, with a flatbed scanner like the Epson Perfection 4990 Photo ($499 street)—with hi-res dust removal and faded-color restoration options—or the $360 (street) Microtek i800 (see page 62). But for slides, a film scanner may be the best choice for maximum detail and tonal range. Two excellent ones: the Konica Minolta DiMAGE scan Elite 5400 II ($570 street), which has a holder for six-image filmstrips or four slides in cardboard mounts, and the Nikon Coolscan LS 5000 ($980 street), which accepts an auto-feeder (the SF-210, $450 street) that can take stacks of 50 slides at a time.

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