Using Histograms



■ In playback mode, scroll to the photo you want to see a histogram of and press INFO.

■ When shooting, change the Review setting to On (Info) (page 113).

Most serious photo-editing programs such as Photoshop let you use a histogram as a guide when editing your images. As you've seen, each pixel in an image can be set to any of 256 levels of brightness from pure black (0) to pure white (255). A histogram is a graph that shows how the 256 possible levels of brightness are distributed in the image. Since most image corrections can be diagnosed by looking at a histogram, it helps to look at it while still in a position to reshoot the image. It's for this reason that histograms can be displayed on the Digital Rebel's monitor.

When a histogram is displayed, areas in the small image next to it blink if they are overexposed to pure white without detail. This is called the highlight alert.

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