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1. With the Mode Dial set to any mode in the Creative Zone, and white balance set to any setting, photograph a white subject that fills the 9% area in the viewfinder covered by partial metering. You may have to focus manually since the subject lacks contrast.

2. Press MENU, display the shooting tab, highlight Custom WB, and press SET to display the image you took in Step 1 and the prompt

Select an image.

3. Press SET to use the image to set white balance, or turn the Main Dial to display another picture first.

4. Press the MENU or shutter button to exit the menu,

5. Select the icon for custom white balance using the steps in the QuickSteps box "Selecting a White Balance Mode."

6. When finished taking pictures, reset the white balance mode to auto.

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    How t set custom white balance on canon eos d300?
    8 years ago
  • Wolfgang
    How to set custom white balance canon 300d?
    8 years ago

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