Flash exposure compensation

Flash exposure compensation lets you manually adjust the amount of flash illuminating the subject without changing the camera's aperture or shutter speed. Although not available on the Digital Rebel, it is on Canon's external flash units. This is an ideal way to balance flash and natural light when using fill flash and to correctly expose scenes or subjects that are darker or lighter than normal (middle-gray). You can vary flash exposures plus or minus 2 stops in one-half stop increments for any attached EX-series Speedlite.

You can use flash exposure compensation in conjunction with regular exposure compensation. Doing so lets you use regular exposure compensation to lighten or darken the background that's illuminated by natural light, and use flash exposure compensation to lighten or darken the subject illuminated by the flash. This is a powerful combination of exposure controls that let's you capture images just the way you want them.

When flash exposure compensation is being used, the flash exposure compensation icon lights up in the viewfinder.

The left flower was taken with a normal flash exposure. The one on the right was taken after exposure compensation was set to -2.

The AE/FE Lock icon.

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