Getting Familiar With Your Camera

Today's digital cameras are both rich in features and highly capable of helping you get good photos when used in one of many "auto" modes — without requiring you to know much about your camera or photography. However, learning how to use your digital camera and its many features will enable you to get even better photos and do things you never even imagined could be done. In Technique 1, you will first get familiar with your camera. You will then learn how to select important image-quality settings in Technique 2. Technique 3 helps you learn how to select an appropriate shooting mode. Being able to review photos is a significant benefit of digital camera, and Technique 4 shows you how to get the most from the review features on your camera. Technique 5 will help you learn how to change settings quickly so that you don't miss getting the photos you want due to wrong settings.

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Champion Flash Photography

Champion Flash Photography

Here Is How You Can Use Flash Wisely! A Hands-on Guide On Flash Photography For Camera Friendly People!. Learn Flash Photography Essentials By Following Simple Tips.

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