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Grays of Westmitister are always seeking mint or near-mint examples of Nikon equipment: Nikon cameras, AF-D Nikkor lenses, AF-S Silent Wave Nikkor lenses, Af Miero-Nikkor lenses, Nikon Speedlights, Nikkor AJS & AI Manual Focus Lenses


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Which flash kit was awarded THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE

RATING by Amateur Photographer?

The Ltncwtn EKtt^ro mi SiüÜJu Kltl

What's in the box? 2 x ElitePro 300 (300J) Flash Heads 2 x Studio Light Stands 1 x Standard Reflector

1 x Umbrella Reflector

2 x Reflective umbrellas 1 x 6-in-1 reflector kit 1x16- channel Radio trigger 1 x Stand carry case

With a massive range of Bowens S-fit light shaping tools at affordable prices

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Please telephone 020-7828 4925 orJBff caWeiriil us at [email protected] (Br bur Highest offer

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Yorkshire Dales £ 35U

Suntorini £ 695

Curmval! - PJ^brokcnKirc t Giijycr - Isle nf I™'s

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Jil the next few months AF hopes to run the following equipment through the most rigorous testing procedures in the industry...

Sorry Alpha 380 Jun

Round-up £600 digital SI& Jun

Canon PIXMAPro9000Markfi Jun Canon 18-200mmf/I.5-5.6vs

Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Jun

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Douglas Grey Card Mark II £16.96

DIGITAL photography has made it easier for photographers to adjust the brightness and colour balance of their imsges, but to ge: the best results it is still advisable to use an 18% grey card and a white reference point

The Douglas Grey Card Mark II combines both of these things. When folded it is AS in size, but opening it up reveals an A4-size grey card on one side ar'd a white surface on the other.

Mads of a durable plastic rather than card, the grey card is waterproof and can be wiped down should it get marked. What's more, the manufacturer claims that unlike other white balance materials, tha white plastic used contains no chemicals that glow artificially to make them look brighter. Despite the plastic construction, both the grey and the white sides have a matt finish and show no reflections on their surfaces.

Using an Olympus E-450 I found I was able to set a perfectly neutral custom white balance When setting the camera to spot metering mode and using the grey side of the card. I found that the exposure measured 148 on a 0-255 scale. I: must be remembered that dlfferert manufacturers use different mid-grey points to su t the metering system and sensor of their cameras. Richard Sibley

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Always On Camera Case £10

THE Always On Camera Case Is designed to prevent your camera from being _ scratched or damaged when in a pocket, glove box or bag. It consists of a metal plate, which attaches via a mounting screw to a compact camera's tripod thread.

Once attached, material can be folded over the camera and secured with Velcro. The slightly elasticcted fabric hugs the camera 'or a neat fit.

It is available in a variety of different colours and designs, including grey, pink dots, quilted black, zebra and dalmatlon, so there should be a case to suit most people's tastes.

While the cases don't offer a huge amount of protection should your camera be dropped on to a hard surface, they will prevent it gettng scratched and dusty. And depending on your cnoice of case, it may liven up an otherwise dull-looking compact camera Richard Sibley

• For more information call Daymen international on 01902 864 646

Not much protection, but It will help prevent scuffsand scratches

• For more information call Daymen international on 01902 864 646

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