We also sell... Lumijet. Imajet. Cansón. Arenes. Innova. Fotospeed. Somerset. Schoellershammer. Fine Art Cards.

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Kits from £464 inc vat

Use your D-Lite-its on location with the new Explorer XT

Square Filters

A+P Filter Holders from £5,

A+P Adaptor Rings from £4.

ND Filters from £12.

ND Grad Filters from £12.

Sunset Filters from £12.

Colour Fitters from £12.

Star Effect Filters from £10.

Lee Filters

Round Filters

UV Filters from £6.

Skylight Filters from £8.

Circular Polarisers from £18.

ND Filters from £14.

Star Effect Filters from £14.

Infra Red Filters from £19.

Colour Filters from £14.

Kood Filters Hoya Filters

Macro Accessories Close Up Lens Sets...from £25.

Coupling Rings from £12.

Reversing Rings from £12.

Manual Extension Tubesfrom £17. Auto Extension Tubes.from £79.

Bellows Units from £49.

Right Angled View Finder..£59.


Quality Photographic Accessories


Canon EOS - Leica R from £22.95 Canon EOS - Contax.from £22.95

Micro 4/3 - Tamron from £25.95 Micro 4/3 - Leica M . .from £39.95 Sony NEX - Canon .. .from £29.95

Sony NEX - Pentax from £29.95 Sony NEX - Leica M ..from £29.95 This is a tiny example of the adaptors we stock Stepping Rings

All Known Sizes from £5.00

T Mounts

All Camera Makes from £8.00

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subscribe 0845 676 7778

3D April 2011 www.oHkale-uVphoiuyrapi icrxxvukT 51

Canon Nikon Panasonic Pentax Sony Fuji Olympus

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Cameras vy and Salisbury

Highly skilled E6 staff, stdte of the art equipment, same day turnaround[ safe travel packaging, great prices!

You shoot E6 for a reason! Choose your processing lab for the same reason...


By reputation Peak Imaging is the UlCs No 1EB Processing Laboratory

E6 Processing

Same day return

Professional monitored process control. High quality sleeves / plastic mounts & boxes.

Film type/no of ex p.


Mounted 1

135/24 exp.

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