As ar. Otoro Pro Centre we sícc< the compete range cr twti Gaeoe pasers. ricudinc AZ. 17. 24 and 4< «Jiro s 3eo* b just a seecton

Limited Edition Seecrai Pack 6C sheen £29.99

Smooth Gloss 290g. 6x4 100 srees £17.99

Smooth Gloss 290q. 7*5.100 sheets £23.99

Smooth GIOSS 290g.A4.25 *2C FREE £12.99

Smooth Gloss 290g.A4. ioo £39.99

Smooth Gloss 290g. A3.25 sheets £27.99

Smooth Gloss 290g. A3*. 25 sheets £29.99

Smooth Pearl 290g. 6x4.100 sheets £17.99

Smooth Pearl 2909. 7x5. too sheets £23.99

Smooth Pearl 290g. A4.25 +25 free £12.99

Smooth Pearl 290g. A4.100 £39.99

Smooth Pearl 290g. A3.25 snaes £27.99

Smooth Pearl 2909 A3».25 sheets £29.99

Gold Fibre Silk 0109. A4.20 aneeca £39.99

Heavyweight Matt 2009A4.50 sheets £12.99

Smooth Fine Art 1909M. 10 sreets £12.99

Smooth Lustre Duo 2800. A*. 25 sneeo £14.99 Smooth Lustre Duo 280g. A3*. 25 s*ees £39.99

ICC profiles available for aH Bforo papers

= Hahnemuhle =

EszaDished n 1584. î* llahnem^i« name e synonynous fine ar. pnnanç. Fu range no«« avaaPe at Premer nk.

Sample Pack 14 sheets, m £8.99

Photo Rag 308 3C8Q.A4.25 sneecs £29.99

Photo Rag Baryta 3t5g A4 25 sheets £34.99

Fine Art Pearl 285g. A4.25 sheets £32.99

Fine Art Baryta 325g A4 2s sheets £32.99

N EW Protective Spray 400m £16.99

As ¿ PermsMt Premier Stockist we supply Ihe ENT;R£ PermaJet rarwe. mc jorq Barya. Smooth arc lex^ree Fine Art and canvas Beow ts/usta se«cton

£14.99 £12.99 £7.99 £10.99 £19.99 £21.99 £29.99 £26.99 £19.99 £9.99 £21.99 £24.99 £28.99 £19.99 £26.99 £19.99 £21.99 £14.99

Sample Pack 30 sneets. 21 afferent capers' NEW Ultra Pearl 2»g. A4.25 Digital Gloss or Oyster27ig.6* Digital Gloss or Oyster 27ig. 7x5.50 Digital Gloss or Oyster 2719. a<. 50 Digital Gloss or Oyster 2719. aj. 2s Digital Gloss or Oyster 2719. aj*. 2s Double Sided Oyster 285g a«. 25 MdttPruoflny ieog a« iso Matt PIUS 240g A4.25 Matt Double Sided 250g. m. 100 Baryta Fibre Base Gloss 295g. m. 25 Baryta Fibre Base Royal 2719. m. 25 Smooth Fine Art Portfolio 2005. A4.2fc Smooth Fine Art Portrait 3009.A4.2s Textured FineArt Artist 2109 m. 25 Textured Fine Art Parchment 2859. a«. 25 Canvas Artistic 400g.A4 10

tccprofu+x aisailabla for all papnnc

As an Official Fotospeed Stockist, ««e can iuppiy tte compete Fotospeea range. Beo* s jus; a Sny

Sampie Pack 14 sheets. 7 O&ment capers! Pigment Friencfly Gloss 27139 A4.50-»15 R«E PJgmert Frfendty Lustre 27C& M 5C* 15 FREE Pigment Friencffy Satin 270a m. 50 »15 FREE Pigment Friendly Matt Duo 2009 At. 100 Platinum Gtass 29C& a«. 20 Platinum Lustre 2709 A4.20 NT NaUrai Textured 3159 A4.20 NST Natural Soft Textured 3i5g. a20

£9.99 £19.99 £19.99 £19.99 £17.99 £22.99 £19.99 £17.99 £17.99

ICC profiles available for all Fotosp*od papers

E&OE. Pri»8 may be subject to change bul hopoful.y not!

Lexmark Compatibles

Lexmark Compatibles

Lexmark Originals NO.1 Coour No.14 Back

No. 15 Coour No.17 Oack No.23 Back No.24 Coour No.27 Co oca-No.28 3ack No.29 Coour No.31 Pnoto No.32 3ack No.33 Coour No.36 3ack No.37 Coour NO.43 Coour

N0.44 3ack N0.IOOXL Back No.100 Back No. 100 Cyan I Uag / YeCo» many mere m stock!

Brother Compatibles

LC900 B«k LC900 uwT LC900 SetoT4 LC970 /1000 sack LC970 11000OMTT LC970 I lOOOSefoU LC980/1100B«*. LC980 / 1100GWY LC98011100setoi4 LC985 Back LC985 cm/y LC985se<or4 Brother originals also m stock/

Kodak Original Ink I Paper

ESP yack Genos 10 nk £6.99 ESP Coour Senes 10 nk £11.99 ESP 3acx & Coour ink £17.99 Many more in stock!

Lowering the Cost of Photography

Orders are shipped promptly by Royal Mail 1st class post, for which we charge just £1.79 per order. All prices include VAT, and a full VAT receipt is provided with every order. Payment accepted by credit/debit card, cheque or postal order. Orders accepted securely online,, over the telephone, 01925 339977, by post, 0' by visiting our showroom: Premier Ink & Photographic, Longfieid Koad, Sydenham Ind tstate. Leamington Spa. CV31 1XB.

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