When I first started reading this book, I immediately felt engaged with a passionate photographer who really cares about his work, and with someone who really wants to share his long experience with other photographers.

I have known Ibarionex since he worked for Werner Publishing, where, at the time, I was Group Editorial Director of the photo magazines. Ibarionex always had a passion for light, for photographing people, and for photography in general that came across strongly in his work and especially his photography.

That shows up again in this book. I love the photos and the stories you can see within them. Ibarionex knows how to get involved with life and capture that with his cameras.

But the book is so much more. Ibarionex has poured himself into the text to bring his perspective to photography to everyone. He shows us his photos and gives some perspective on how they were shot. I love the way he incorporates real stories of how he approached photographing certain subjects. He doesn't just tell you to be careful of photographing white clothing, for example, but tells you of his experience in photographing a young girl in her first-communion dress.

Ibarionex's joy in photography comes through, too, in both the text and the photos. These are positive photos that make you feel good about the world we live in, and they help you get to know the people in the photos as if they were good neighbors. His how-to explanations are the same, a positive, helpful approach that you feel good about reading. And you will definitely learn a few things.

This is a book that can be enjoyed and learned from simply by paging through the photos and reading the captions. Then it can be further savored while you learn about photography as you read the text. You will enjoy reading it the first time, and you'll return to it as a reference again and again.

—Rob Sheppard

Author, Photographer; Editor-at-Large, Outdoor Photographer Magazine

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