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Grays of Westminster are always seeking mint or near-mint examples of Nikon equipment:

Nikon cameras, AF-D Nikkor lenses, AF-S Silent Wave Nikkor lenses, AF Micro-Nikkor lenses, Nikon Speedlights, Nikkor AIS & AI Manual Focus Lenses

Please tefephorte 020-7828 4925 or you can emailus at [email protected] foT our highest offer.

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professional, every time

Safari 600

Safari 600 portable flash generator

* Guide No. (with standard reflector), IS0 100,232 (ft)

* No. of flashes from full charge: 1,150

* Adjustable from 76 - 600 Joule output

* Recycling speed: 2 seconds

* Colour temperature consistency: 6200-6500K

* Synch voltage >5 volts (safe with any camera)

* Trigger methods: Radio trigger, synch cable

Safari Ringflash

* Fits any camera with a tripod bush

* Fits any lens up to 98mm diameter

Safari 600 flash head

* Complete with standard reflector

* Accepts all Bowens fit light shaping tools

The perfect kit for all mobile photographers www.lencarta.com 0845 618 2889

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