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NEWII EOS 500D See lest elsewhere In this issue. If you like what you read and want one. find the lowest price within this A.P. and I will try to match the price. I will also supply free' a small black gadget bag with red Canon logo, adjustable shoulder strap and shoulder pad if at all possible.

Canon EOS 50 IITIPA 2009 Best Expert SLR Available body only from £1999.99 if paid by cash, cheque Of debit card. 2% extra by credit card. Also available with 24-70mm or 24-105mm L lens. Canon actually won five TIPA 2009 awards - more than anyone else.

Canon EOS 1000D - the current Amateur Photographer entry level DSLR 2009 winner and EISA consumer camera of the year 2008-9. In a recent Amateur Photographer, the Canon EOS 1000D went head to head with the Pentax Km and won convincingly' It has been drawn to my attention that this camora is now in short supply and especially the kit with the IS lens. Fortunately I still havr. stock of the IS kit - but numbers are limited If you want ono I would suggest that you contact me as quickly as you can.

NEW 17mm & 24mm MKII TSE Lenses. Save up to 25% from Canon Guide Prices for Preordering

This 17mm Is the TIPA 2009 Professional Lens Of The Year'

This 17mm Is the TIPA 2009 Professional Lens Of The Year'

Canon new but un-boxed 'split-from-kit' 'standard' zooms available at great savings when and if instock. These include 10-22mm, 17-85mm, 18-55mm, 18-200mm, 24-70mm, 24-105mm and 70-300mm U IS Please ask if you need one of these lenses (18-200 shown here).

Canon have just updated their range of circular polarizers If you do not ask whether we have these in stock and simply ask us to ofder one for you specifically, (here can be up to 25% saving But remember we can supply a Hoya Pro 1 digital circular polarizer al the moment at half Ihe Canon price or a Hoya standard circular polarizer at 25%lllll

Canon Prices 52mm @ £99 99 58mm @ £105 99 67mm @ £159 99 72mm @ £169 99 77mm @ £189 99

The NEW Canon Digital Ixus 100IS is the most compact ixus-evor yet is still packed with the latest features and an optical^ viewfinder Road about this on the Canon site. If think it is fantastic. At the £299 guide price. I am happy to give £75 credit against nock strap, case. . . memory card, etc. and there are four colours to choose from - gold, red, black and silver.

Tho Canon BG-E2N grip for the 40D/30D/20D, you are welcome to ask for a 20% discount if purchased with the 400 or 50D. Hahnel have just delivered a new INFRAPRO grip which is similar to the BG-E2N but has an infra red receiver built-in and a remote control (like the Canon RC-1/RC-5 which would release the 4000 as an i.R. receiver is built-inl) included What do you think of this extra feature? It can also save you a few ffff'll

The Canon TC-S0N3 cabled release with various timing features, at a guide price of £142 99, has been selling for over 10 years and is popular - but only up market EOS's with N3 lilting can benefit. A Chinese manufacturer has produced a very close copy' al around £75. As there are not many timer releases on the market nowadays, these Chinese releases can be supplied in Canon E3 fitting for EOS-300, 350, 400. 450, 1000. etc as well as Nikon, Pentax. Konica/Minolta/Sony fittings, etc. The standard N3 fitting is in stock but the other fittings would be to specific order.

Hahnel now supply a release which fits both Ihe E3 and N3 with a 2 meter extension for only £29. As a promotion, if this is purchased with a camera and you mention this advertisement, we will give you 20% discount making it only £23 Hahnel also introduced a high FM frequency wireless remote release which also fits both E3 & N3 at only £49. or £39 if purchased with a camera and you mention the Amateur Photographer when ordering

Tho Canon Flash Off-camera Shoe Cord OC-E3 has a guide price of £60 99 Alternatively, a Chinese version is available at around £30 but there is also a £40 version with extra 50% longer off-camera cable between the two shoes

The Canon Remote Releases RC-1 at £21 99andRC-5 at £19 99 would obviously fire off compatible Canon cameras which is what one wants. We have found a general release which would release Canon as well as Nikon. Pentax and Konica/Minolta/Sony cameras al only £12.

A 0.7* wide angle attachment Is available for the 18-55mm This will bring Ihe 18mm to about 13mm or in 35mm terms from 28mm wide angte to around 20mm! The Japanese PRO' Item Is £79 or £69 If purchased with an EOS with 18-55 These are available for Canon (58mm) as well as Nikon/Pentax (52mm). A 0 5* 58mm ultra wide and a Fisheye version will be available by request

The Canon Powershot G10 with higher MP. wider angle zoom, improved battery, screen and input dials, etc. is offering staggering I improvements on the G9. Accessories for G10 are: NB-7L Battery £54.1 Conversion Lens Adapter £35, 1 4X Tele Converter £104. Standard I Case £23. De-Luxe 'traditional' Leather Case £56. Waterproof Case I £176. Most accessories are in short supply The G10 has just won TIPA' 2009 expert compact camera award. Some G7 & G9 accessories are still"" available so if you need any, we would suggest that you order them sooner rather than later.

The Powershot SX1-IS was tested In issue 81 of DIGITAL CAMERA BUYER and they concluded that The SX1 Is surely the best superzoom yet, not least because of its 4fps shooting and great design. But It's also a superb Full HD camcorder-truly remarkable!" Overall five stars top score

£50 Cashback available from Canon on this model till 3rd June. Other Canon cashbacks on request

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