Eos 500i

£77 mlh £24 mth E112mth (17 mth £14 mth HS mlh 198 mlh (55 mth

[It mth

{12 mth {52 mth (IS mlh OS mth (13 mth {73 mth {46 mlh

(16 mth

Cation Unbeatable value on their latest models

CANON EOS 500D BoOy only


CANON EOS 500D • IB-200mm IS USM C1399

Each ordered EOS 500D bom Warehouse Eepress will receive a FREE Beg and 8GB Card erith their shaped order, out^ccl io flock availability. We have Ihe rlghl to change the FREE products to Henri ot similar specification and value should slock become unavailable. Your statutory rights ismaln unaffected with every EOS 5000 Order

SanDisk 8GB SO Video HD Ultra II & Canon 10EG Godget Bog

WORTH C109.98!

15.1 megapixel CMOS sensor Full HO Movio Rocording ISO range up to 12800

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