Species Scorpis lineolata

Common name: Silver sweep


Description based on otoliths of one specimen of 177 mm FL. Otolith catalogue reference DMF77. Catch locality Disaster Bay, Victoria, 40 m depth. ID by DMF.

Otolith description

Otolith medium, oval. Dorsal margin slightly rounded and crenate/irregular; ventral margin rounded and crenate; posterior margin sharply rounded and crenate to irregular. Distal surface concave; proximal surface convex. Sulcus groove deep, heterosulcoid; opening ostial. Colliculum heteromorph. Collum absent. Crista superior well developed and ridge-like at neck; crista inferior well developed. Rostrum broad and blunt. Antirostrum small and pointed. Excisura wide; notch shallow; angle acute. Dorsal area depression shallow oval close to crista. Ventral area depression absent.


FL = 44.167 OW 0381 mm n = 7; Std Err Est = 0.03; R = 0.951; P<0.001 Otolith weight range = 38.3-77.1 mg (CMAR)

Mass = 2.838 x 10-4 FL 2538 g n = 8; Std Err Est = 0.07; R = 0.962; P<0.001; Fish length range = 177-227 mm FL (CMAR)

Distribution and ecology

Southern Queensland to Tasmania, also Lord Howe Island (Last et al. 1983); wave-exposed reefs, 0-20 m depth, moving closer inshore during the day; schooling along exposed coastlines and quiet reef areas, occasionally enter estuaries; juveniles common in tide-pools (Edgar et al. 1982, Gomon et al. 1994); reaches 360 mm in length.

Predator-prey information

Know prey of little tern (Sterna albifrons) (Higgins and Davies 1996).

Otolith of Scorpis lineolata from a fish of 177 mm FL
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