Species Ophthalmolepis lineolatus

Common name: Southern maori wrasse

Previous nomenclature: Opthalmolepis cyanogramma


Description based on otoliths of one specimen of 330 mm TL. Otolith catalogue reference DMF76. Catch locality Disaster Bay, Victoria, 40 m depth. ID by DMF.

Otolith description

Otolith small/medium, anvil-shaped. Dorsal margin slightly rounded and entire to broadly crenate; ventral margin flat to slightly rounded and entire to mildly irregular; posterior margin sharply rounded. Distal surface flat; proximal surface flat to slightly convex. Sulcus groove moderate, heterosulcoid; opening ostial (but Labridae species may progress from ostial to ostio-pseudocaudal to ostio-caudal with growth) (Smale et al. 1995). Colliculum heteromorph. Collum absent or low. Crista superior poorly developed; crista inferior developed along neck and ridge-like under cauda. Rostrum broad and tapering to sharply rounded. Antirostrum small and sharply rounded. Excisura wide; notch moderate; angle acute.


TL = 218.764 OW 017 mm n = 7; Std Err Est = 0.046; R = 0.591; P<0.163 Otolith weight range = 7.3-11.8 mg (CMAR)

Mass = 1.724 x 10-6 TL 3345 g n = 8; Std Err Est = 0.049; R = 0.986; P<0.001; Fish length range = 271-345 mm TL (CMAR)

Distribution and ecology

Confined to Australian waters from southern Queensland to Western Australia; shallow rocky reefs to 30 m depth; reaches 400 mm in length (Gomon et al. 1994).

Predator-prey information

None cited.

Otolith of Ophthalmolepis lineolatus from a fish of 330 mm TL
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