Species Meuschenia scaber

Common name: Velvet leatherjacket

Previous nomenclature: Balistes scaber, Parika scaber


Description based on otoliths of one specimen of unknown TL. Otolith catalogue reference SD1032/5. Catch locality unknown. ID by SD.

Otolith description

Otolith very small, hour-glass shaped. Dorsal margin flat and slightly irregular; ventral margin notched/ slightly rounded and irregular; posterior margin deeply notched and irregular. Distal surface flat; proximal surface irregular. Sulcus groove deep, homosul-coid; opening ostio-caudal. Colliculum homomorph; two colliculi. Collum bridge-like. Crista superior ridge-like and diagonal over ostium and cauda, but absent at neck; crista inferior ridge-like and broad, extending onto rostrum and pseudo-rostrum. Rostrum broad blunt and notched. Antirostrum small broad and rounded. Excisura wide; notch deep; angle acute. Dorsal area reduced. Ventral area depression deep, following line of crista inferior. Ventral groove also distinct.


TL = 250.385 OW 0 084 mm n = 8; Std Err Est = 0.022; R = 0.8; P<0.017 Otolith weight range = 0.8-1.9 mg (CMAR)

Mass = 5.114 x 10-5 TL 2 79 g n = 108; Std Err Est = 0.14; R = 0.945; P<0.001; Fish length range = 141-278 mm TL (CMAR)

Distribution and ecology

Confined to Southern Australia from New South Wales to southern Western Australia, and Tasmania; also New Zealand (Last et al. 1983); exhibits schooling behaviour; occurs in 20-200 m depth (Kuiter 1993); reaches 310 mm in length (May and Maxwell 1986).

Predator-prey information

None cited.

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