Species Lophonectes gallus

Common name: Crested flounder


Description based on otoliths of one specimen of 94 mm TL. Otolith catalogue reference 32.5P41. Catch locality Bass Strait, off Stanley, Tasmania. ID by RG / CL.

Otolith description

Otolith oval to ovate. Dorsal margin and ventral margin entire; posterior margin gently lobed. Sulcus groove ostial and heterosulcoid. Ostium larger than cauda. Colliculum heteromorph. Collum constricted. Crista superior well developed and irregular; crista inferior ridge-like. Rostrum short and stout, rounded. Antirostrum absent. Excisura absent or extremely shallow; angle oblique. Dorsal area and ventral area depression may be joined, forming horse-shoe depression.

Otolith of Lophonectes gallus from a fish of 94 mm TL


No data are available.

Distribution and ecology

South-eastern Australian coast from southern Queensland to South Australia, and Tasmania; muddy bottom in 20-240 m depths; reaches 200 mm in length (Last et al. 1983, Gomon et al. 1994).

Predator-prey information

None cited.

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