Species Heteroclinus perspicillatus

Common names: Common weedfish

Previous nomenclature: Cristiceps robustus, Neoblennius fasciatus


Description based on otoliths of two specimens of 43 and 119 mm TL. Otolith catalogue reference 30.109P4 and P10. Catch locality Margate, southern Tasmania. ID by LC.

Otolith description

Otolith ovate. Dorsal margin and ventral margin entire. Sulcus groove heterosulcoid; opening ostial. Colliculum homomorph. Collum narrow and bridgelike. Crista superior rounded in smaller specimens and more angled over the collum and ostium in larger specimens; crista inferior rounded. Rostrum is wider than it is long in smaller specimens and gently curved dorsally. Antirostrum generally small and rounded. Excisura varies from open to deep with an increasingly acute angle as the size of the otolith increases.


Mass = 7.656 x 10-6 TL 3 028 g n = 12; Std Err Est = 0.087; R = 0.998; P<0.001; Fish length range = 39-136 mm TL (TMAG)

Distribution and ecology

Cape Conran (Victoria) to Spencer Gulf (South Australia), and Tasmania; associated with rocks, seagrasses and algae in tide pools and shallow sheltered coastal areas; reaches 200 mm in length (Last et al. 1983, Gomon et al. 1994).

Predator-prey information

None cited.

Otoliths of Heteroclinus perspicillatus from fish of 43 mm and 119 mm TL, figures a and b, respectively. Two otoliths have been included to illustrate changes with ontogeny. (Note: Some debris is present on the surface of both otoliths.)
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