Otolith description

Otolith very small, tall discoid with anterior and posterior projections. All margins entire. Sulcus groove heterosulcoid with ostium larger than cauda; opening ostio-caudal. Colliculum heteromorph, well developed, Collum distinct. Crista superior split into posterior and anterior sections over ostium and cauda; crista inferior well formed and extending onto rostrum and pseudo-rostrum. Rostrum broad and rounded. Antirostrum absent. Pseudo-rostrum similar in size to rostrum in larger otoliths, but absent in small otoliths; pseudo-antirostrum absent. Excisura and pseudo-

Otolith of Brachaluteres jacksonianus from a fish of 34 mm TL

excisura wide; notch moderate; angle wide. Dorsal area and ventral area reduced as a result of well-defined cristae. Ventral area with deep depression beneath crista inferior.

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