Otolith description

Otolith small/medium, triangular. Dorsal margin irregular to coarsely lobed with bulbous projections; ventral margin dentate. Sulcus groove heterosulcoid; opening ostial to ostio-caudal. Colliculum homomorph, two colliculi. Collum absent, but step up between deep ostium and cauda. Crista superior ridge-like over neck and anterior cauda; crista inferior well developed under neck and cauda. Rostrum variable, stout and rounded to stout and pointed with lobe into excisura notch. Antirostrum small and sharply rounded. Excisura deep (cave-like if rostrum lobe present); angle acute. Dorsal area depression narrow, elongate above crista. Ventral area depression absent.

Otolith of Upeneichthys vlamingii from a fish of 185 mm SL
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