Otolith description

Otolith small/medium, anvil-shaped. Features may change with ontogeny. Dorsal margin and ventral margin approximately flat and entire to slightly sinuate; posterior margin notched and sharply pointed. Distal and proximal surfaces flat. Sulcus groove deep, heterosulcoid; opening ostio-caudal (but Labridae species may progress from ostial to ostio-pseudocaudal to ostio-caudal with growth (Smale et al. 1995). Colliculum heteromorph. Collum absent or low. Crista superior ridge-like over neck and ostium; crista inferior ridge-like along neck and well developed along remainder. Rostrum moderate, broad and rounded. Antirostrum small and rounded. Excisura wide; notch deep; angle acute. Dorsal area depression deep trough above crista superior. Ventral area with irregular nodular sculpturing.

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