Family Galaxiidae

Species: Lovettia sealii

Common name: Tasmanian whitebait


Description based on otoliths of two specimens of 52 and 60 mm TL. Otolith catalogue reference 16.5P84 and P87 (otolith provided by IFC). Catch locality unknown. ID by PD.

Otolith description

Otolith very small, discoid with little relief. All margins entire. Sulcus groove generally homosulcoid; opening ostial. Colliculum heteromorph. Collum constricted and separates ostium and cauda. Crista superior and inferior poorly developed. Rostrum present and rounded. Antirostrum absent. Excisura present; angle wide. Dorsal area and ventral area without depression.


No data are available.

Distribution and ecology

Tasmania; anadromous - adults spawn in rivers and young are carried downstream to the sea; reaches 77 mm in length (Last et al. 1983).

Predator-prey information

None cited.

Otolith of Lovettia sealii from a fish of 46 mm SL. (Note: Some debris is present on the otolith surface.)

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