Anything that excites me for any reason I will photograph not searching for unusual subject matter but making the commonplace unusual Edward Weston

Irish Rugby Advertisement Richard D. Zakia

The camera captures a split second of the movement by the rugby player and invites the viewer to complete the action. The stance of the body is one that is not natural in a static position and therefore suggests movement for completion. There is just a hint of motion in the ball and hands, which evidently is moving faster than the player's body.

Flower Gun Barrel 1967

Bernie Boston's (1933-2008) photograph Flower Power serves as a cover for his photojournalism book. It was taken in 1967 when a group protesting the Vietnam War were confronted by a detachment of rifle-bearing National Guardsman. He captured the precise moment of a young man beginning to gently place a flower in the barrel of one of the rifles. The viewer is invited to complete the action. Flower Power has become his signature piece as well a cultural icon.

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