By Martin Edge

A new book on underwater photography is always a welcome arrival especially in this digital era when new technology starts the learning curve all over again.

The previous two editions of The Underwater Photographer have earned Martin Edge an international reputation as an excellent tutor and his books have been a major influence on newcomers. This latest edition, whilst still bearing the same name, has been completely rebuilt and expanded to include digital photography underwater. As a result it will cater to film and digital enthusiasts alike.

Unlike other technical books on underwater photography Martin's approach is very personal and he imparts decades of knowledge and experience throughout the book which is well illustrated and attractively laid out. His explanations of the thought process behind many of the shots are much more enlightening than mere camera settings and it is this kind of delivery which sets Martin's book apart from the rest.

In a fast changing world capable of producing instant results it still pays to understand the basics in order to maximise the quality of your shots. The Underwater Photographer provides all the technical knowledge you need and explains it in an easy to understand manner.

Many books on underwater photography tell you the facts and leave you to get on with it. Martin not only tells you the facts but encourages you to develop your images and your thought processes in a way no other books do. This makes it the perfect companion for those entering the hobby as well as for the more experienced who are looking for new ways to improve their images.

The Underwater Photographer is a very comprehensive book and I believe it will prove a valuable reference work for many years to come.

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