Studio Lighting System

Simple to use. Just switch on and immediately see the lighting effect. Get the correct exposure by using your own camera metering system. Seamlessly mix with natural daylight.

A choice of 8 Kits most complete with carry bag

Darkroom Equipment


One of the Worlds most versatile Tripods

Position your camera at virtually any angle to your subject.

Five models including the highly acclaimed

Trekker Mk3

Paterson Darkroom Equipment

Main Dealers:

AG Photographic, Bob Rigby. Mr Cad, Canterbury Cameras.Dale Photographic First Call Photographic, Fotosensc, Keyphoto, Morris Photographic. Red Box Cameras, Richard Frankfurt, Sheffield Photographic, Silverprint, Speed Graphic. Walters Photo Video.

Have your own personal portfolio reviewed with AP Editor Damien Demolder

wanted an assessment of your photos or to know how your images stack up against the professionals? Well, here's your chance. We are presenting AP readers with an exclusive opportunity to meet AP Editor Damien Demolder for a one-to-one portfolio critique. Learn from an experienced professional as your photos are critically reviewed and analysed to help you achieve optimum results during your future shoots. Damien will assess style, subject, creativity, technique and originality

For 40 minutes you can have five to ten images evaluated and discuss any future photography topics. You can also bring along your equipment and learn from Damien how to get more out of your camera.

Damien will also be looking for a select few to showcase their images in a future AP Reader Spotlight feature and one lucky student may also be chosen to appear in the Appraisal pages.

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