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Sale! Pro Runner 450AW

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Road naon e-mail: [email protected]

Manager - Tony Clark FRPS

Open 9am-5.30pm Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-4pm Sunday

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Flash rotator bracket and beanbag On test

Ray Flash Rotator Bracket £154.80

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TheAP guarantee to you

Ail our tests are conducted by people who understand the product area, as well as photography. We aim to discover any shortcomings, as well as finding those aspects that deserve praise. All our tests are thorough, honest and independent

Stealth Gear Double Beanbag around £24.99

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A BEANBAG offers versatile support for your camera, and one that should not take up much space in your kit bag. Stealth Gear's Double Beanbag is a little larger than most, measuring around 22x22cm, and is designed to support a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens attached. Its design is ideal for awkward surfaces, such as a car doors, railings, tree branches and rocks. A 2-in-1 shoulder and adjustable securing strap is included for extra support and to help carry the item, which is useful because when the beanbag is full of rice it can weigh up to 5kg (around 11 lb). A more lightweight alternative would be to fill it with polystyrene, but this can be less stable.

The Double Beanbag is durable and waterproof, while the top is made from a non-slip material to keep the camera in place. A pouch on one side is large enough to hold a lens cap or memory cards, which is a handy feature. There are plenty of situations where this is more useful than a tripod, which makes it a good accessory for the adventurous photographer. Tim Coleman

A useful and well-made camera support for the outdoor photographer

FORTHCOMING TESTS In the next few weeks AP hopes to run the following equipment through the most rigorous testing procedures in the industry...

Nikon D5100

Nikon's affordable 16-million-pixel mid-range DSLR with 3in vari-angle LCD, curvaceous design and special effects modes on test. AP 28 May

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