Linhof 6x9 Lenses

The lenses originally supplied by Linhof for coupling to the rangefinders of their 6x9 cameras were all from either Carl Zeiss or Schneider and were individually selected for their performance. Those that matched Linhof's standards had the word 'Linhof' engraved and filled with red on the shutter housing. Lenses supplied during the '50s and '60s were in Synchro Compur shutters, while some since 1970 have been in Compur Electronic or Copal shutters.

However, not every Schneider or Zeiss lens in a shutter marked Linhof can be fitted to 6x9 Linhof. The key issue is whether the rear element of the lens will fit through the aperture in the front lens standard when the lens panel is fitted. The hole in the lens standard on a Technika 70 or Super Technika V is larger than that of a Super Technika IV, which is in turn larger than that of a Super Technika III. And, of course, many Linhof-marked large-format lenses are in the larger panels for 5x4in or 5x7in cameras, so you would in any case need the appropriate new panel to mount the lens on a Super Technika 6x9 or a Technika 70 - provided the rear end will fit through the hole in the lens standard.

Thanks to a well-known member of the PCCGB, who prefers to remain anonymous, for the loan of the cameras illustrated in this article

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