Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl

£36.36 for 25 sheets of A4

£70.68 for 25 sheets of A3


Hahnemuhle is a well-established name in the photo paper industry. Its Fine Art Pearl is a thick paper with a density of 285gsm, which has a cardlike feel to it. Owing to its thickness, I had a few problems feeding five sheets of paper through the printer so I fed each sheet individually. It has a slight off-white surface with a sticky coated finish, which can pick up fingerprints so handle with care.

Apart from the handling warning, this is a lovely paper. Colour gradation is particularly strong across the colour spectrum, with no banding on our colour charts. Blues and greens are strong without being overly vivid. Image detail is sharp, too. This is the most expensive paper in the group and it feels more like a traditional print, which is very satisfying in the hand.

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