Visual Diary

This diary is your record of all stimuli that may have influenced you or helped you to form an idea. In its most simplistic form this could be a scrapbook of tear-sheets (examples) and personal scribbles. It would however be of far more value if the visual diary contained detail relating to an awareness of style and context, as well as a development of your ability to intelligently critique images. This should include aspects of design, composition, form and lighting which would be applicable to any of the visual arts.

The visual diary should contain:

~ A collection of work by photographers, artists, writers, poets, songwriters and film-makers, relevant to your imaging studies.

~ Sketches of ideas for images.

~ A collection of images that illustrate specific techniques relevant to your work.

~ Brief written notes supporting and expanding upon each entry in the diary.

The Secrets of Creating Scrapbooks

The Secrets of Creating Scrapbooks

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