Much innovation in recent years has led to many kinds of platforms utilized for SFAP. Aircraft include potentially any and all types of flying machines, which may be manned or unmanned, powered or unpowered, heavier or lighter than air, and free flying or tethered to the ground. At a minimum, successful SFAP under various conditions depends upon a platform that is capable of lifting the necessary camera rig and maintaining a position above a desired spot on the ground or flying a line or grid of ground coverage. Size and complexity of these platforms vary enormously, ranging from simple kites to substantial manned aircraft. For the most part, manned platforms are larger, require an experienced pilot, are more expensive to operate, and need greater logistical support compared with most unmanned aircraft. Unmanned platforms have experienced rapid development during the past decade, and many new techniques may be expected in the near future for both manned and unmanned SFAP platforms.

100 Photography Tips

100 Photography Tips

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